What We Like


Passion and Energy

Passion is essential to the success of any growing business. We partner with confident leaders who enjoy clarity of vision and strong executional drive. Entrepreneurial life is challenging; founders with emotional resilience, lucidity of thought, and a strong work ethic are those who overcome adversity and triumph commercially.

Intellectual Honesty

Although passion and drive are indispensable, the best founders are realistic about risks and willing to admit unknowns. Startups will encounter dozens of curveballs. Being forthright about risks and opportunities enables careful planning and is the only way to quickly pivot a business as needs evolve. We work with flexible founders who adapt to changing conditions, are unremittingly trying to learn more about their business and industry, and who are vigilant and honest about uncertainty.

Analytical Thinking

Although passion and charisma drive sales and recruit commercial partners, we look for leaders who take an analytical approach to planning and running their business. Startups encounter challenges every day, particularly when the business is young and rapidly growing. Some issues are unforeseeable, but many can be anticipated through careful planning and research. There is nothing more disappointing than squandering an incredible business opportunity because of an “unforced error” resulting from lack of preparation for an otherwise mitigatable risk. We look for teams that think deeply about the advantages they enjoy and the risks they face. We want forward thinkers—not just about their products and business, but also about future competitors and changing market dynamics: customers, competitors, and commerce never stand still. Although hunches and gut-feeling are important adjuncts to careful planning and analytical frameworks, there is no substitute for good research and a contingency plan. We partner with successful leaders who hope for the best, but still plan for the worst. That’s how you consistently out-maneuver competitors, and masterfully navigate shifting markets. No one person is everything to everyone—we care about a team’s holistic capabilities. Often, co-founders have complementary strengths and diversification of skills is an asset. It never has to all fall on one leader’s shoulders.


We want leaders who are goal-oriented and establish clear milestones for evaluating progress. Pre-determined, near-term performance metrics which track how various strategies, marketing approaches, or product decisions are performing drive much higher success rates, and meaningfully reduce wasteful, inefficient cash burn. More broadly, longer-term business milestones allow the founding team to introspect and more readily evaluate tradeoffs of competing strategic alternatives. Often, several approaches achieve the same goal. Using a repeatable evaluation and decision-making framework helps reveal which approaches are most efficient and likely to succeed and can identify burgeoning issues before they balloon into commercial problems. Having a clear understanding of the cost to execute one strategy over another, and an objective way to track internal performance, is indispensable; it is often the difference between early failure and rapid success.

Execution Speed

Startups must move quickly to succeed. Over the course of engaging with entrepreneurs, we pay close attention to what they have accomplished. What milestones have been achieved in that time? What demonstrable progress has occurred? Rapid, visible, forward-momentum is a strong positive

Strong Founders

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Good Pitches

Generally, we like concise business plans or investment pitches containing about four to six pages of text content (which often becomes 20-40 slides in presentation format, with accompanying figures).

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Orders & Delivery

How do I place an order?

If you visit our online shop you will be able to see our full range of products which are all available to be purchased online and delivered or collected on a date of your choosing.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders may take up to 5 business to be processed as all products are baked to order. Orders can be collected in person from Margam, just contact us to arrange a convenient time or alternatively they can be delivered, and we have a few options available. If you have further questions about deliver please email cj@cjtastytreats.co.uk.

Where do you deliver?

Our cookies, macarons and DIY kits can be posted to any UK postcode. We do offer a ‘letterbox’ option so they will fit through a standard letterbox, and the good thing is you don’t need to be home when they arrive!

Can I collect my order?

Yes of course, please contact Cath to arrange a mutually convenient collection time. Email: cj@cjtastytreats.co.uk Phone: 07534 191795

Do you take bespoke orders?

Yes we do! If you let us know what you are thinking of, we can have a chat and well do our best to accommodate your baking and creative ideas. Please note that custom orders require a minimum of at least 2 weeks notice.

I’m sending my order as a gift, will my payment information be included in the box?

We don’t include any receipts, invoices or pricing info in the box, all order information will be sent to you via email. You will have the option to add a gift message to your order at checkout so the recipient knows who to say thank you to!

I received the wrong order/my order has arrived damaged. What do I do?

We’re so sorry that your order hasn’t arrived as expected. Please email cj@cjtastytreats.co.uk including your order number, a description of the issue and a picture of any damage and we’ll get back to you ASAP to resolve this for you.


Product Info

How long will my cookies last for?

Your cookies will last for at least two weeks from the date of delivery. The shelf life can be extended by up to 2 months if you move them to an airtight container. You can find the ‘Best Before’ date on the back of your cookie box.

Do you offer gluten free or vegan cookies/cakes?

At the moment our biscuits do contain gluten, butter and eggs but we are currently working on some new products and hope to have a vegan range available soon.