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What Makes A Good Pitch?

Generally, we like concise business plans or investment pitches containing about four to six pages of text content (which often becomes 20-40 slides in presentation format, with accompanying figures).

Understanding the Commercial Opportunity, Competitive Landscape, and your Value-Add

  • What is the market opportunity? What problem are you solving? How many people have this problem? How big is this market now, and how big is it likely to be in five years?

  • What is your solution? How exactly does your product/service solve this problem or improve on pain points compared to existing solutions?

  • How is your solution superior to the status quo? What is the history of attempts to address/solve this problem? What has been tried, and critically why have other approaches failed to succeed? What are you doing differently than others?

  • What are customers willing to pay for your solution, and importantly why are they willing to pay this? Do you save them money? Do you enable new commercial opportunities for your customers? Do you improve convenience?

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